buy cheap Premarin online So, I’ve been wanting to write my first blog post and I thought my daughter’s 2nd birthday party would be a good place to start. Addie turned TWO and loves Winnie the Pooh, so that was the theme we choose for her party.

Of course, I started a Pinterest board for it.

We decorated with books. And I had my husband pick up the tulips at Publix the day of the party. In the jar are “Honey Bears” a.k.a. Teddy Grahams 😉


I got these clay pots at the Dollar Store! 2 pots for $1!



I made Roo’s Ranch Dip with a packet of Ranch mix and half plain Greek yogurt and half sour cream (trying to make a healthier version!)



These were just potato chips.


If you’re wondering where I got all the signs for the food, I Googled pictures of the characters and put them into a Word document in two columns and used different fonts and colors to go with them.


Here are Piglet’s Pigs in a Blanket.



These Hunny Ham Sandwiches were the bomb! I got the recipe here.


I got these containers from Walmart for $5 each and it’s just some Countrytime Lemonade and Publix Sweet Tea! I got the paper straws from Publix also and the cups. The paper plates, napkins and silverware were from the Dollar Store. I have learned that they are the best place to get party supplies for cheap!




I had my husband construct the “tree” from brown packing paper, which I picked up at Office Depot like the day before the party. I cut out the leaves from green construction paper and I made a couple of bumblebees from pipe cleaners and poked them into the yellow paper lantern, which I got in a three-pack from Party City.


Her cupcakes were from Heavenly Sweets and Pastries in Valrico.



Made from scrap wood in the garage!



Banners made and hung up around the house.


My attempt at “Pooh nails”


We did a “Pin the tail on Eeyore” that I found at Disney.

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I made this “Pooh” outfit with yellow fabric paint and a red shirt and Pooh ears I got from Amazon. They also have Piglet and Tigger ears, which we had also.


I got these Winnie the Pooh plushes from the Disney store and printed out these quotes:

“As soon as I saw you, I knew an Adventure was about to happen.”



FUNNY STORY: My husband started a fire right before the party started! We were trying to make this popcorn recipe below and somehow the the brown paper bag caught on fire in the microwave!


Birthday girl’s outfit: Etsy shop Girls Dreams

Invitations: Etsy shop Belly Bean Cards

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!