I still have yet to mail out Thank You cards from the party, but here’s my blog on it LOL

Our littlest one has been obsessed with foxes since Zootopia came out last year.

She even has a Nick Wilde sweater. She wore it to Animal Kingdom and scared Mickey Mouse pretending to be a fox.

So, a Fox party was definitely in the cards for her. Finding fox party decor, on the other hand, not so easy.

She started preschool at the beginning of the month, so every Wednesday and Thursday leading up to her party were used for shopping, ordering, crafting, etc.

I started by getting these at Walmart:

They ended up becoming a banner for the party, hot glued to twine.

Then, I headed to good ol’ Joann’s. I got felt for felt masks, fake flowers for headbands, orange and black card stock. You know, my supplies!

I made a banner out of the card stock on my Cricut. It said WILD & THREE and was the cutest thing ever. That just came to me one day and I was like, “YES! That is SO Addie!”

I cut the fake flowers off their stems and hot glued them to a headband along with felt fox ears.

For the masks, I used a template to cut out the felt, then hot glued them together with some elastic to held them on.

I had hubby get some scrap wood out of the garage to make a “Welcome Forest Friends” sign, which I hand painted.

I printed out some of these scavenger hunts for the kids, and got some cute wooden pencils from Amazon to go with them.

I got a dehydrator for Hanukkah this year, so I dried out a bunch of banana chips and called them “Chipmunk Chips”

I painted Nuggets nail to have a fox on them, but they only lasted for like a day! Thank goodness I got a picture of it! LOL

buy clomid online usa Food:

S’mores Mix: Golden Grahams, mini marshmallows & chocolate chips.

S’mores Pops: two pretzel sticks in a marshmallow, dipped in melted chocolate, then graham cracker crumbs.

Haystacks: Rice Krispie Treats

Twigs: Pretzel sticks

Do Not Feed the Bears: Teddy Grahams

Squirrel Food: Cheerios

Keppra by mail order Favors: 

Trail Mix



Cake and cookies: Petite Madalyn’s Bakery 

Fox dress (birthday girl’s outfit): Etsy shop PartyLandBliss

Fox Iron-On (for Big Sis): Etsy shop ScrapendipityDesigns

Wooden plates: Amazon

Wooden cutlery: Amazon

Fox leggings: LulaRoe

Birch straws: Amazon

Balloons: Party Planet