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Arizona Activities

Arizona- the Grand Canyon State.

We just came back from a trip and these are some of the crafts/ activities we did and are still playing with!

I always do my research on where we are going and try to theme our activities around that.

For Arizona, I knew my kids would like the Disney Cars, since Radiator Springs is a fictional town in Arizona.

Desert themed Sensory Bin
Kinetic sand (I used it here for our beach bin)
Toob of desert animals


Cactus watercolor
Found here, I did a set myself before we left and now my kids are asking to do them!  Instead of black glue (which I tried to make and failed miserably), I used black puffy paint.


I had some extra green felt from making a felt Christmas tree and felt story board for the girls, so I cut out two cactus shapes, put some velcro on some buttons and BAM!


I found some Radiator Springs maps online and laminated them, then bought Lightning McQueen and the gang from Walmart.

The other playmat was a desert scene, also played with the Toob animals, which I found at Michaels. They are also available on Amazon.


I used two different color greens and a pink (for the flowers), plus toothpicks to make cacti with!

Coloring Books

Ordered here and here from good ol’ Amazon!


Used to make suns, cacti and flowers


Disney Cruise

I’ve been getting lots of messages about our Disney cruise so I decided to make a post.

This was our first Disney cruise and it was a 3-night Bahamian cruise that left out of Port Canaveral. It was about a 2 hour drive from our house in Plant City and about an hour from Walt Disney World.

We booked our cruise back in April or May of 2017 and had until August to pay it off. This particular cruise was approximately $3,000 for 3 nights. We were not on a Halloween on the High Seas or a Very Merrytime cruise.

We also had just applied for a Disney credit card and got $200 back for booking the cruise on it.

Some of the things that are included with the cost of the cruise that are different than other cruise lines:

  • SODA – you can get a Coke at dinner fo’ free
  • A bandana for Pirates Night
  • Childcare
  • lunch on Castaway Cay

Speaking of childcare, the Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab are the “kids clubs” available on the ship. This was one of our biggest selling points for the cruise. We wanted some alone grow up time.

I’m not going to sugar coat it. We didn’t get that much. We’ve come to the realization that we are never going to have those kids who go to the kids club all day.

But we did get 20 minutes after dinner the first night. In between the Princess Meet and Greet and the Frozen Meet and Greet and Emma went once by herself for 2 hours while Addie was napping.

It was definitely better than the last cruise we went on when Emma cried until she threw up and Addie never went. And I think it will get better each time we go and the older they get.

I usually get sea sick and know it so I always pack a prescription of Mecalizine for myself and Children’s Dramamine for the kids (these are just chewable tablets that taste like grape) so we don’t have an issue.

We all take our meds about an hour before the ship starts moving and seem to be OK.

One of the things I did notice was that we never saw a Casino on the ship, but that was OK with me because I hate the smell of cigarette smoke and we don’t gamble.

There is still alcohol!!!! Just because it’s a Disney cruise doesn’t mean there’s no liquor. We had rum punches, wine, martinis and, of course, the guys drank their weight in beer.

Pirates Night 

This was probably our favorite part of the cruise. Everyone gets a bandana delivered to their room with pirate Mickey on it and Pirates of the Caribbean on it. We had packed our own costumes and wore our bandanas and eye patches. There was a Pirate deck show before our dinner (at 5:45 p.m.), then we went to dinner dressed as pirates, then after dinner, there was a Pirate IN the Caribbean show on deck at around 10:30, followed by fireworks at sea! DCL is the ONLY cruise line with fireworks at sea.

Fish Extenders 

The Fish Extender is basically a gift exchange with other families on the ship. We participated and I basically packed one whole suitcase for our stuff. I used a diaper organizer I bought on Amazon here. Then I bought fabric from Joann’s and covered each of our pockets.

My gifts included:

Cabin Gift: a Mickey picture Frame I painted with a picture of Mickey & the gang on Castaway Cay, a magnet with all the ports of call from our cruise on it and a coaster

For the Moms: a bath bomb (I purchased them here),

For the Dads: Pirates Booty, a pirate shot glass and gold chocolate coins

For the kids:

0-3: Sand toys

4-6: Glow sticks, Lego sets, Pez Dispensers, pirate accessories, lanyards and pins (for pin trading)

11-13: lip balm, nail polish

Teens: Pop sockets, ear buds and candy

Door Magnets

This is another thing that I’ve only seen on a Disney cruise- people decorate their doors! The doors on the ship are magnetic so I printed, laminated and hot glued magnets to the back of ours. I also made some for some of our friends who went.

Castaway Cay 

First of all, it’s pronounced Castaway KEY and I have no idea why lol

The island is Disney’s private island, but is Disney actually rents is from the Bahamas. It was IMMACULATE. My husband even said the mens restroom was clean and we all know that NEVER happens.

I ran a 5K on Castaway in the morning and joined the rest of my family on the beach afterwards. The island drink is the Konk Kooler- GET ONE. There is a family beach, an adult beach, Scuttle’s Cove, which is the kids club ON the island. It has a splash pad and they serve lunch and they did a whale dig (I think- my kids did not go).

Lunch on the island is FREE! Because it’s technically part of the ship.

Rentals are available for snorkeling, jet skis, etc.

We did the family beach, which has Pelican Plunge (waterslides) in the ocean.

Speaking of waterslides, ride the AquaDuck! I only got to do it once, but it was SO FUN! I went with my 5-year-old and screamed the whole way while she told me, “OK, mom this is going up, watch this.” LOL

Your children have to be 42″ to ride, however, if they are not tall enough (they will make them take off their shoes), there is also a Mickey slide that my 3-year-old loved.

There is also a Finding Nemo splash pad on our ship.


One of the cool things I liked about this ship was that we dined in a different room every night. But your wait staff travels with you!

The first night we went to Animator’s Palate, which is similar to Art of Animation in my opinion. With sketches on the walls, etc. The table centerpieces were paintbrushes, pencils, etc. and Crush from Finding Nemo was on the TVs around the restaurant for an interactive show. The wait staff even gave my kids ketchup in the shape of a Mickey head!


The second night we dined in Enchanted Garden for Pirates Night and our waiter even brought the kids Mickey ice cream bars with sprinkles for dessert!

The third night was our “optional formal” night and we dined in the Royal Palace. The bread baskets looked like Cinderella’s Carriage! My husband got a cappuccino (extra) that night with a Mickey on it!

We also liked eating lunch at Flo’s Cafe (from Cars), which was hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.

We took the girls to Vanellope’s Sweet & Treats on the last night (this is a candy and ice cream shop on the ship and costs extra)


So, we got an extra special treat on got a SOFT OPENING of Beauty and the Beast!!!!!!

And it was Ah-mazing

We also saw Believe and The Golden Mickeys, both of which encouraged singing along, so double bonus points for me!



We took a break from our Letters of the Week and did pumpkins for Halloween!

I made a pumpkin Play-Doh from iheartcraftythings which is still being played with!


I also made a sensory bin (these are really popular with my 3-year-old!) with black beans for 5 Little Pumpkins. I bought the pumpkin containers from Amazon.

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Letter of the Week: C

Here we go again: Letters of the Week! We’re just now on letter C.

Can I call it Letters of the Week if it’s really more like Letters of the Month?! Anywho…..

I have started asking the girls what they want to make for the wall and this time Emma chose Cat and Addie chose Caterpillar. I’m still trying to figure out how to laminate the caterpillar.

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B is for…..

Continuing our letters of the week, we started with B. Here my list for B:












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Our Letter “A” Activities

This last week (and-a-half), we were working on our Letters of the Week when we were so rudely interrupted by Hurricane Irma.

We (obviously) started with the letter A.

I started making lists of everything I could think of that started with the letter A:


Then I turned to the handy dandy Pinterest for ideas on how to incorporate these into crafts, snacks and more.

I also dug out our Dr. Seuss’ ABCs book.

First, I borrowed our Alligator craft from my fellow homeschool momma, Erika (check out her blog at

I decided to work on uppercase letters with Addie (my 3.5-year-old) and lowercase with my almost 5-year-old, Emma.

So, for Emma, I had her do a lowercase “a” for apple. I laminated both letters and hung them on our wall as part of our alphabet border we will be making.

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Life is All Rainbow & Unicorns

Birthdays are kind of a big deal for me.

So, this year, even though it’s not a milestone birthday, I threw myself (yep) a Rainbows & Unicorns pool party (my birthday is in the middle of summer).

First, I started a Pinterest board.

Unicorn door hanger, $3 Target Dollar Spot


Unicorn Popcorn

Crescent Dog Twists

Unicorn Droppings
aka Jelly beans

Unicorn Horn Pasta Salad

Unicorn Bathing Suits, Target

Unicorn Wands

previous arrow
next arrow

1) Finding Unicorn/ Rainbow food that’s not candy/ donuts/ cake/ sweets is REALLY HARD! Here’s what I came up with:

Unicorn Horn Pasta Salad

Crescent Dog Twists 

Unicorn Popcorn (still had some candy drizzled on top)

Crescent Rolls with chicken salad

Unicorn Droppings (aka jelly beans)

Unicorn Farts were a huge hit with everyone at the party (cotton candy)

Unicorn Bacon was Airheads Rainbow Sour Belts

Rice Krispie Treats with Fruity Pebbles (LOVED this!)

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Valentine’s Day in the Silverstein House

The day of love has come and gone…

Here’s what ours looked like!


This year, we made Froot Loop hearts for the birds

“I Love You to Pieces” tissue paper hearts

AND I added in some school stuff too:


Trace and color Hearts, ABCs with conversation hearts, name puzzles, and color matching with conversation hearts.


Food (Heart-shaped EVERYTHING!):


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How We Celebrate Hanukkah AND Christmas

His family is Jewish and mine is not.

We decided to raise the littles Jewish, so now what do we do?

Well, we do a lot of both and none of some…

So, here’s how we celebrate Hanukkah AND Christmas:

We light Menorahs AND put up a Christmas tree (aka Hanukkah bush.)

Our tree has a Star of David topper and we decorate it in blue and silver.

We have blue stockings (which, by the way, are really hard to find!) and our stocking holders say PEACE.

We read Hanukkah AND Christmas books before bed.

We open presents for 8 nights.

And on Christmas morning.

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