For Easter, we did a few crafts and successfully dyed Easter eggs! I finally decided to take it outside!

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I moved the girls’ table onto the sidewalk and put aprons on them.

IMG_4144 IMG_4145

They had a blast!



I did one egg with shaving cream and blue and purple dye! It came out really pretty.


This was the craft we did. I put pom poms in clothespins and let the girls dip them in paint do paint their eggs. I got the idea from Pinterest here.


Another craft I did, which was SUPER easy, was a paper plate bunny mask. I just cut the hole out of the middle of the plate, hot glued on some ears (which I just drew and cut out free-hand myself), whiskers and a popsicle stick. BAM! Done.

For our Easter baskets, we do some candy, but try not to overdo it. So, these are some of the things we put in our baskets: movies, books, silverware and a plate.


On Easter morning, I made bunny pancakes/ waffles and eggs.


Earlier in the week, for out girls’ dance class, I dressed them as bunnies, with ears and painted-on whiskers and noses. I also added bunny tails to their tutus! L.O.V.E.


And for our BIG surprise this year, the girls (ok, mostly me) got CHICKS!

IMG_4236 IMG_4261

IMG_4266 IMG_4263

Happy Easter!