hop over to this web-site It’s been a while since I did a post and I’m sure we’ve done A LOT since then, but here’s what we did on Father’s Day in case you need any ideas for next year:

http://covanmotorco.com/listings/2004-toyota-solara-gle/ My hubby was away on business earlier in the week, but on Thursday, I had set up a photo session for some Father’s Day photos. Here is one of my favorites:


tea party with daddy

Our girls always have a dance recital on Father’s Day weekend (I think that it’s the perfect way to spend the day as a Dad of daughters lol).

Also, since I have a dad, step-dad and father-in-law, we had a VERY busy weekend.

On Friday, we had our dress rehearsal for the dance recital and then we took the girls (with my step-dad) to go see Finding Dory.


Saturday was the BIG dance recital an both girls did AMAZING.




The girls with their dad and TWO Papas! 


After the recital, we went to dinner and I helped Emma with her letters by creating this pillowcase. I got the idea here and Pinned it to my Father’s Day board on Pinterest here.

We also made some crafts (of course, when aren’t we crafting?!). Also found on Pinterest.

image image image image

On Sunday, I made Eric a breakfast casserole from Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook, Cravings. It was a French Toast Casserole with Salted Frosted Flakes. I’ll post that recipe in a separate post because it was SO GOOD. (P.S. It had rum in it and would make for an AWESOME brunch recipe- I’m thinking on a girls weekend!)

image image

We took a quick swim…


Some naps….and then we drove over the Skyway to get dinner with my Dad and brother and sister. At RumFish Grill.  It was a really cool place, with fish tanks inside (the girls loved it!)

image image  imageimage

Followed by ice cream at a place that has been on the beach since I can remember: Larry’s Ice Cream Parlor. 

If you are ever on St. Pete Beach and don’t get ice cream here, we can’t be friends anymore.

I got a Bear Claw, which was like dark chocolate ice cream with chocolate covered cashews in it. Holy decadence.

image image image


We were putting the girls in the car getting ready to leave when I noticed the sun peaking out through the clouds! I begged and pleaded with Eric to let us go down to the beach for the girls’ first sunset! (I won!)

image image image image

It was the perfect ending to our weekend!

I hope you all had a great weekend with the guys who mean the most in your lives!