It’s been almost two months since my last blog!

In case you can’t tell, we’ve been super busy!

Miss Addison turned 3 in January and we celebrated with a Fox birthday party in the park. And at Disney (of course!).

And we just finished all of our Valentine’s Day fun!

We are also participating in a hiking spree at the local parks. We have to finish 8 hikes by the end of march, so we’re doing about one a weekend!!

Eric and I also just registered for our first half marathon! We’ll be running the Disney half next January!

So I’ve been busy training for that as well. Here’s what my weeks have been looking like lately:

finasteride hair buy where to buy over the counter zovirax ointment Monday– Hikes with homeschool group/ Busch Gardens/ Karate
Tuesday– homeschool testing/ Dance class/ Chick-fil-a/ tea party
Wednesday– school from 8:40-Noon/ all my grocery shopping done/ Karate
Thursday– school from 8:40-Noon/ run while the girls are in school
Friday– Friend’s houses/ play dates at parks
Saturday– Farmer’s market/ Home improvement store/ gardening/ family time/ date night
Sunday– hiking/ gardening/ Disney

What Mom’s week doesn’t look like that?!

Anyways, I’ll do some more posts soon, I promise! Maybe one for Addie’s birthday party and one for Valentine’s.

Until then, I’m looking forward to Dr. Seuss Day and St. Patrick’s Day and I’ll do posts for those also!

I should also probably do some recipes! We’ve been making some good ones lately!! Sushi bowls and last night we had zucchini & bean quesadillas!

I’ve also been doing lots of my shopping at Aldi now! I’ll share some of my favorite things to get there also!

Guess I better get busy!

What kinda of posts would YOU guys like to see?!