buy Seroquel discount Here we go again: Letters of the Week! We’re just now on letter C.

buy viagra super active cheap Can I call it Letters of the Week if it’s really more like Letters of the Month?! Anywho…..

I have started asking the girls what they want to make for the wall and this time Emma chose Cat and Addie chose Caterpillar. I’m still trying to figure out how to laminate the caterpillar.

C is for car– this is just a black piece of construction paper that I drew on with chalk and a play race car.

We also did C is for cloud, with cotton balls.

This was probably the favorite- C is for Cookies. If I was awesome, we would’ve baked some actual cookies, but ain’t nobody got time for that. So, aluminum foil and brown construction paper cookies it is, kids!

This is just popcorn kernels. C is for Corn. I added some farm animals and a tiny bale of hay.

I also made some corn shakers found here.

This one wasn’t C but I guess it could be for counting! I found this and it inspired my next lesson plan (pumpkins!). Those are pumpkin seeds she’s counting.

We also made a Cherrio corn on the cob from gluedtomycrafts (spoiler alert: Dogs eat Cheerios left on paper on small children’s craft tables).

I also printed Corn and Cow coloring pages here and here.

That’s all for this week (or month! LOL)

Happy learning!