We have had Olympic fever in this house since the Opening Ceremonies!

These are the first Olympics my kids have been old enough to watch and understand!

It’s been so fun sharing it with them!


Emma says her favorite Olympian is “Katie Tedeky” aka Katie Ledeky.

We have been watching the Olympics almost every day and I have been encorporating crafts, which have been really fun for the girls.

They recognize the Olympic Rings now because they’ve made them and they talk about the gold medals because we’ve made our own.

Here are the slew of crafts we’ve completed over the last 14 days:

buy propecia canada Torches

This was our first craft that we made for the Opening Ceremonies.


They were quite simple:

Two toilet paper rolls

Painted gold or white (I looked up the past torches and they have all been gold or white)


Red, yellow or orange tissue paper for the flames

And that was it! For my older daughter, we wrote USA on hers since she is working on her letter recognition

http://amandaaz.com/?p=1392 Gold Medals

Here is where being Jewish pays off! We already had gold coins lying around the house (aka Gelt)!


I went to Michael’s and got two sizes of blue ribbon (because of all the ribbon I have in this house,  I didn’t have blue. Of course)

Then, I measured and cut the ribbon to necklace size for the girls and hot glued the gold coin on the ribbon.

Emma proceeded to eat her gold medal *insert eye roll*

http://skyrunning.ca/?author=12 Olympic Rings

This one I did one morning with the girls while we watched the Olympics.

(P.S. We would record them the night before and watch them in the mornings during/ after breakfast)


For this craft, I just used white card stock and paint. We used plastic cups, dipped them each color and made the rings.

Then, my oldest wrote her name on the bottom.

Chalk Art

We did this one day when my mom was over. It was a cloudy day, but Emma still complained about the sun being in her eyes (hence the goggles).


For this one, all you need is chalk, a child who doesn’t mind sun in her eyes or laying on the sidewalk and a WHOLE lotta patience.

Froot Loop Crafts

We actually did this craft one morning before we had to leave to go to the library so the kids could eat their craft in the car!


For both of these crafts, you’ll need Froot Loops (duh).

I printed out this printable, gave the girls some glue on a paper plate and a cup of Froot Loops and let them go to town.

For the necklace, I once again hot glued the gold coin for them. I put small piece of tape on the ends of the string so they could string the cereal more easily. Then, we tied them around their necks and they snacked away happily in the car!

*This time I gave them both a piece of the chocolate so they wouldn’t eat the one on their necklace LOL

And that’s all, folks!

Whew! What a whirlwind two weeks it has been, Rio!

Can’t wait for the Winter Games and the Toyko Olympics in 2020!