This last week (and-a-half), we were working on our Letters of the Week when we were so rudely interrupted by Hurricane Irma.

useful source We (obviously) started with the letter A.

I started making lists of everything I could think of that started with the letter A:


Then I turned to the handy dandy Pinterest for ideas on how to incorporate these into crafts, snacks and more.

I also dug out our Dr. Seuss’ ABCs book.

First, I borrowed our Alligator craft from my fellow homeschool momma, Erika (check out her blog at

I decided to work on uppercase letters with Addie (my 3.5-year-old) and lowercase with my almost 5-year-old, Emma.

So, for Emma, I had her do a lowercase “a” for apple. I laminated both letters and hung them on our wall as part of our alphabet border we will be making.

The girls then decided to cut everything up (because kids) so I had to tape Addie’s alligator back together and I ended up using the cut up red pieces for another craft, making an apple out of a paper plate.

For a snack, I made A is for Ants out of raisins. They got gobbled up quickly. 

Next, we made airplanes out of popsicle sticks and clothespins. First, I had them paint the clothespins and large popsicle sticks whatever color they wanted. Then, we glued them along with some already colored popsicle sticks (which are awesome, btw and I got them on Amazon).

Emma and I also played “pretend” airplane and put two chairs on in front of the other and I had her pack a suitcase like we were going on a trip. She decided we were going to Disney (we live about an hour drive away- why would we fly?!)

I had Emma work on differentiating between uppercase and lowercase letters but using Letter A Trees. I decided to put both uppercase and lowercase on red and green instead of all on one color (I feel like she had to work harder that way and actually look at the letters instead of just sorting by color).

Acorn was probably by far the favorite- because it came with donuts! I made these acorn donut holes with some DD munchkins I picked up (plus a coffee for mama because, coffee). I had a hard time finding the same sprinkles, but got some fall-ish ones at Joann’s.


I also made this SUPER AWESOME Sensory Bin from iheartcraftythings. I had never really heard of Sensory Bins before, but I have made quite a few and Addie seems to really enjoy them.  I had also made a Sensory Bin for apple pie. While I was trying to make the Acorns Everywhere bin, the hurricane hit so I ordered the split peas and faux acorns on Amazon, as well as the book. For the apple bin, I was apple to hit up the Dollar Tree for the measuring cups (I already had oatmeal, cinnamon sticks and faux apples).


(NOTE: I have had oatmeal and black beans ALL OVER my house).

And FINALLY, last but certainly not least, Astronaut! This one was super cute. I saved two paper bags from an Amazon Now order (srsly, I have a problem lol) and I cut out holes in them to make helmets. The girls painted them (picked blue and white) and I had some star stickers and, surprisingly, solar system stickers laying around. Take a look a the finished product:


I also finally broke down and purchased Kinetic (aka Moon) Sand and made yet another sensory bin for them to play with.

We also did star stamps with yellow, gold and glitter paint and a star cookie cutter.

For Emma, I started an Interactive Notebook and we started by going through some leftover Highlights magazines seeing if we could find pictures of things beginning with the letter A and cutting and pasting them into her notebook. Then, I had her write both an uppercase and lowercase letter.

Happy Learning!!