buying viagra in canada online We took a break from our Letters of the Week and did pumpkins for Halloween!

see buy viagra gel online I made a pumpkin Play-Doh from iheartcraftythings which is still being played with!


I also made a sensory bin (these are really popular with my 3-year-old!) with black beans for 5 Little Pumpkins. I bought the pumpkin containers from Amazon.

We made scientific observations on the pumpkins to see how many Math Link cubes tall they were. We measured them to see which one weighed the most. We talked about the parts of a pumpkin and what colors they can be.

We did a science experiment with baking soda and vinegar (added food coloring for fun).

It was a nice little break from Letters of the Week but still fun and educational!

Happy learning!

I also made a shit ton of lunches but I’ll make a separate post for those!!