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This Summer We…

free viagra samples before buying uk Became Paleontologists

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Jurassic Park Rangers

And discovered one in our own front yard

We had tea parties

And water balloon fights

We found Nemo (and Dory!)

We met penguins

We met a baby foal

We grew a garden

We’ve released butterflies

We went to camp


Golf cart rides & ice cream cones

We became Oceaneers

Explorers of the deep blue sea

We went Under the Sea

Shark Week

We went to the circus

Followed the yellow brick road

We watched movies
Dad got a new BBQ

We were “Incredible”

We were sharks

We swam… a lot



We BBQ’d

We camped….inside

We had a lemonade stand

We went fishing

We put our feet in the sand

We’ve Play Doh’d

We have been sharks, bears & dinosaurs (oh my!)

We’ve been to space

We’ve been to Toy Story Land
We made slime

We watched puppet shows

We watched a Sunset

Happy Mother’s Day and I’m on YouTube Now!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day (weekend)!

We sure did!

Friday during the day, I volunteered at a charity golf tournament and came home to TWO sets of flowers (one from my mom and Paul and one from Eric).

image image

I also got handmade cards from the girls. Emma even wrote “Mom.”

image image

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