The day of love has come and gone…

Here’s what ours looked like! where can i buy antabuse in the uk Crafts:

This year, we made Froot Loop hearts for the birds

“I Love You to Pieces” tissue paper hearts

AND I added in some school stuff too:


Trace and color Hearts, ABCs with conversation hearts, name puzzles, and color matching with conversation hearts.


Food (Heart-shaped EVERYTHING!):


Raspberry Brownie Bites– I made these as a treat for the Moms at a Valentine’s Day tea party I went to

Valentine’s Day Chocolate chip cookie hearts 

I also did the wafer cookies and originally tried to find the pink ones (aka strawberry flavored) but couldn’t find them ANYWHERE. Last week, shopping at Aldi….guess what I saw?!

Heart Quesadillas

Nutella French Toast with strawberries

Pancake skewers & Egg in a basket

Aldi pasta

Babybel cheese & Hot dog- lunch

Teddy Grahams with conversation hearts– I packed these in my girls lunches.


P.S. Can ya’ll tell my Love Language is FOOD?! LOL


We also did some really cute pictures and hair stuff with the girls this year!