1. click LAUNDRY. Good God the laundry. First, there’s all your and your spouse’s crap from vacation, but then the kids somehow managed to wear ALL of their clothes in the 4 days you were gone. Plus, someone peed in their bed, so there’s extra bed sheets to be washed.
  2. orlistat usp monograph You have to make your own bed again. Dammit! And no cute towel animals!IMG_2323
  3. follow link Not pooping alone! Enough said.
  4. Not begging and pleading with your kids to eat. Every meal. Every day.
  5. Sleeping in/ guaranteed nap every day. I didn’t sleep in every day (I woke up to work out), but after breakfast and the pool, I did take a nap EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
  6. Room Service. Want chocolate chip cookies at 10 p.m.? Room service. Cheese pizza at Noon? Room service. Just call and food is delivered. You don’t even have to get out of bed until someone knocks on your door. With food.
  7. Not weighing yourself. See Room Service above.
  8. No cell phones. There are WiFi services available on ships now, but my husband and I literally LOCK our phones in the safe or put them on airplane mode, so we have no interruptions of Facebook notifications, e-mails, texts or anything else bothering us.
  9. Roaming bartenders serving you. Mimosa or a Bellini poolside? Don’t mind if I do. I’ll just lay right here basking in the sunlight while you go grab that for me.